0 Student Education Loan: The Average College Debt Is $ 24,000

Without touching the debt average college tuition loans for students, Obama said recently that the U.S. remains the country to beat. "We are the home of the best universities and other educational institutions where students ... many come to study here than anywhere else on Earth. "I am inclined to believe the president on this post.

Later in the speech he told us that "America has dropped to ninth in the proportion of young people with university education."

I can not help but wonder - is that necessarily a bad thing?

"I can get a job to pay for my education student loan?

What worries most of us have a job - the job that make it possible to enter the Närpiö income level where it can work to make ends meet and manage the repayment of student loans, without financial support from parents or aid State more.

According to the report of the Project on Student Debt, the Graduate School of the average debt is $ 24,000. After adding the interest payment can increase to more than $ 31,000.

Today it is difficult to find work to cover basic overhead costs, and most young people do not factor in the cost of education student loans until the reality sets in higher education and have increased four times the average income in 1982. Graduates not working and can not pay the debt of the college.

Teach Your granting of student loans

At 18 years, most have no idea what field or career you realize. The schools must teach the student loan financing first, before these young people carry the crushing burden of debt college dreams of a future that we can not predict.

According to Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa, the authors of the new book, "Academic Adrift", 45% of students fail to show an improvement in critical thinking, complex reasoning, or a written analysis after two years of college, fell to 36% for the elderly.

I think it is not schools that are 46 percent of the students, but rather that many of these students are not should not be there at first.

A member of the higher faculty of the College said the course expectations have declined for decades, leaving many college graduates prepared for their future careers. This emphasizes higher education for the trades that inflated grades and reward high academic achievement mediocre university.

Many young people who have been most productive in the skilled trades that fills pass through the higher education system, but doctors, including senior lawyers may not be able to keep repayment of student loans in its $ 100 tab 000 or more.

Student Education Loans - follow the money

Current statistics show that over 11 million enrolled in colleges and universities. Approximately 2 / 3 senior debt college.

If the principle of the average student loan is $ 24,000, students must repay the debt of $ 31,000.00 college, 36% of people who perhaps should not have been there at first. It is approximately 1,980,000 students who have shown no improvement in thinking, reasoning or analytical skills have yet to student loans totaling approximately U.S. $ 47.5 U.S. billion, an additional $ 13.86 billion in interest.

You read that right - these students need 13800 million dollars in interest.

This income is 13.8 million dollars in interest? What took over the student loan program? The federal government. The administration has a strong incentive for every young man and his parents are convinced of the need to go to college and own debt.

Reduce student loans

Whether a young adult must attend school to complete a personal level. Here we seek answers to debt reduction college national average.

One solution gaining popularity is the on-line lessons. usually requires some participation on campus, when the instructor offering lessons in basic on-line.

Returning students were able to complete their college education through online courses. Younger students can reduce their costs of travel and accommodation by taking courses at home on their computers, not to start their career with a loan of tuition.


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